GENESIS OF “Soulmaitri Organics OPC Pvt. Ltd.”

Soulmaitri Organics OPC Pvt Ltd is a startup company registered in 2021 incubated at IGKV-RABI in IGKV Raipur Chhattisgarh. The goal of the company is to  achieve revolution in the area of agriculture & fisheries by increasing quality and improvement of local products in CHHATTISGARH State.

Founder Information

Er. Gaurav Sahu

B.E. Computer Science

IGKV Rabi Incubatee 2021

Rice Protein Enriched Fish Feed

In general fish feeds available in the market contains soya based protein. Such Fish feeds are typically low in methionine. AT IGKV, Raipur, an enzymatic method developed for the isolation of rice protein from broken rice, which is quite cost effective which can be replace soya protein content from fish feed, ultimately generates a very well-balanced bio-available protein. Therefore, we propose to use rice protein to provide an absolutely balanced feed in terms of bio-availability. In Chhattisgarh surplus Rice is available. State Government is seeking new initiatives for use of surplus rice stock in government sector. This innovative idea to produce protein from rice is helpful to commercial utilization of surplus rice stock. This will lead new revolution in fish feed food sector.

Problem and Solution


In market the most common plant based protein used in fish feed is soya protein which are typically low in methionine and also contain number of anti nutritional factors.



Our product Rice Protein Enriched Fish Feed is almost completely digestible which minimizes the loss of protein due to maximization of assimilation by fish.

Seeding Of Innovation